“When it came to settling our child into nursery, we were offered an extensive transition period. The staff understood the importance of him being able to transfer his attachment from myself to them and this new environment. They provided him with all the time he needed rather than giving an arbitrary number of hours that many other settings had offered us. Again, this demonstrated to me that at the core of this nursery is the happiness and welfare of the children and families.”

“There was a marked difference between Guisborough Montessori and the other nurseries I had viewed, there was so much experience and focus on the children that I had not experienced before.  There is a real focus on family values, activity-based learning and the importance of play – this was in line with how I wanted my child to develop”

“Since starting nursery, my child’s development has been measurably different, his communication skills, his character, it is so noticeable.  He is able to manage tasks that he struggled with prior to nursery, and his hand eye coordination has improved significantly.”

“The staff work on a child centered and child led basis and is evident when you spend time in the nursery. Staff are led by the children’s interests, and they use this to engage them in learning or sometimes just ensuring that the child feels happy and comfortable in the environment – both equally important in the early years.”

“Every week the nursery provides an excellent array of meals that the kids are able to help prepare. Every day our child attends he’s undertaking new activities, learning new skills and been given opportunities to increase his knowledge in a way which suits him best. Our son is very much an outdoor child and benefits greatly from the outdoor facilities at Montessori. He is particularly a fan of the sand pit and enjoys all of the outdoor activities.”