Born in the 19th century, Montessori developed her method of education from extensive observations of children at work and play. She discovered that they had an inner teacher that drove them to explore and make sense of their world. She found that they had sensitive periods for absorbing each new skill, and worked best when given the freedom to move in a carefully prepared environment.

At Guisborough Montessori, we use this method, along with the materials that Montessori developed, to enable our children to teach themselves. Staff are trained to observe the children, and keep records of their work, thus enabling the next stage of learning to be introduced as it becomes appropriate.

Children are free to choose their own activities and to learn at their own pace without pressure, interruption or competition. Our skilled practitioners use the observations made of the children to plan a range of stimulating and challenging experiences that are appropriate for each child’s development, thus utilising the sensitive periods (schemas) as described by Montessori.

Our Nursery sessions include opportunities for painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, construction, imaginative play, stories, circle time, musical activities and so much more. Our outdoor environment provides children with an opportunity to explore the natural elements around them whilst giving them opportunity to consolidate their learning from the indoor environment.