This area of learning is about stimulating your child’s love of books, reading and writing. If you begin early to introduce children to books they can enter into the magic and imaginative worlds that they offer. Many stories are allegories about real life so by reading them with your child you are taking an essential step in helping him make sense of people, their personalities and emotions that they will encounter at all times in his life.

It is easier for your child to work out feelings and how to deal with them if he has discussed them through the literature he has read as a child. It is also important for parents to introduce children to the tools of language, such as the alphabet, dictionaries, and grammar. These are basics that they can become familiar with to improve vocabulary, understanding, and sentence construction.

Play word games like ‘I spy’ (emphasising initial sounds), enjoy alliteration (when words begin with the same letters), and rhyming words (when words end with the same sound). Try not to expect reading too early though, it’s about enjoying words and stories and rhymes in the early years.